Turning Problems into Opportunities for small businesses: case study of the Corona-virus outbreak.

The world generally is facing serious challenges with the spread of corona virus; however, hope is on the horizon. Business and other daily activities have been generally impacted negatively.
A statement made by one of the fast-growing social media manager Savannah Keck. “Our communities need each other now more than ever”. People need support, understanding, and resources. Social media can provide just that and can be extremely powerful if it’s done correctly.” As a business owner, winning tactics during corona virus outbreak requires the following ways to promote your business and yourself online.

1. Avail your business online.
Due to this pandemic, there has been an increase in different social media and online activities. Also noticed is a significant increase in search traffic over the past few weeks and will increase as we try to stay safe. We are all paying attention to our phones and computers in search for recent updates within and outside our environment. Another way to pass time is searching for entertainment and which for many includes shopping online.
To enhance your business, you should make use of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to scale to the lid of Google’s search engine results page (SERPs) for easy location of your business. This is not the time for your business to be fluctuating. Online order has now increased because almost everyone is at home. Your competitors will increase but it’s no cause for alarm you just have to focus on your online strategy to enhance your presence and sales. Professional web designers can rebrand your website in few months while working remotely. This is the best time to look into conversion rate optimization specialist to perform a CRO audit of your website so to ensure your call-to-actions are turning your leads into customers. An SEO audit could also be performed at this time to ensure you are maximizing your optimization strategies very well.

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2. Stay ahead of your competition
To move ahead of your competitors to increase the organic traffic to your website, search engine optimization should be utilized. This will increase your chances of being on the front page of Google SERPS and at the top of the lists when your customers search for certain keywords. It takes time and strategic optimization strategies to climb to the top of the SERPS. You, therefore, tends to lose valuable ground in the search result if you don’t continue to optimize your website and its contents on a daily basis because your freefall could cost your business huge revenue lost. According to a Thrive SEO manager Cesar Zambrano, competitors may be stopping their SEO campaigns because of their fear of what is ahead or their current situation, this been said, it is a great time for you to strengthen your campaign in order to improve your rankings to potentially outrank your competitors.

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3. Update your website
This is the right time to make your website the cornerstone of your digital communication. Anyone or group of people looking for ways or thinking about utilizing your platform, services, and products or even to buy from you, will likely explore your website. There is nowhere to get this update and other information when shops, store, and companies are closed, the only place to get an update about how you care is to keep your website updated for your esteemed customers to well informed, this is nothing but proactive and a straightforward approach and it will help to increase transparency and inform your audience about your response to the outbreak.

4. Update your google business listing
The right time to keep your audience and existing customers updated with ease is now. There are several things to be done to ensure that your customers are well informed about your business’s activities during this pandemic. One of the many steps, perhaps, should involve updating your Google business listing. Where many people look when attempting to contact your business is your Google business listing since it has become the phonebook listing of the 21st century. You can use your Google business listing to keep your customers’ update and adjust your hours, share to them whether you are open or close, and create post about your alternative options like the delivery and takeout.

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5. Keep your audience engaged
It is very important to keep engaging your audience despite the social distancing protocols. There are several methods to continue an active social media engagement even when you are not serving the customer. Few of these methods are:
Sharing worthy alternative: Some of your customers may rely on you for some services and products which cannot be fully replaced while on social distancing. To take advantage of this, you should consider sharing the worthy information like alternatives on social media. For instance, a gym outfit can share a daily at-home workout video by the personal training.
Sharing industry news: As a way of staying active on social media, you should feel free to share engaging, articulating, and fascinating articles about your industry. This should not be limited to the effect of COVID-19 and your industry; rather, about growth or trending news within several industries.
Organize advance training: Talk about your future trainings on social media, this will leave your audience curious of what you have in plan for them after the global crisis, thereby keeping them close to your business.

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