The Nightmares of a Startup CEO- Episode 1


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It is of great privilege and love we launch our very first edition of the The Nightmare of Every StartUp CEO which is an all-out exclusive interview of a startup CEO paving its way in the business world and we hope it fills your heart with gladsome cheer.

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Toluwalase David-Oluwole

INTERVIEWER: Can we know you Sir?
SEUN BAMISAYE: My name is Bamisaye Oluwaseun (25 years) popularly known as “The Noisemaker”, Lead strategist for “The Noisemaker NG”.

INTERVIEWER: So what does The Noisemaker NG do?
SB: We are a new media public relations brand that specially focus on; brand and event publicity, strategy, digital marketing and social media management.

INTERVIEWER: Lovely, we have heard different paradigm of what inspired individuals to startup their business, could you share yours?
SB: Of course, why not. I was inspired by the way people see and attend events, react to brands. I was quite uneasy by the work relationship with social media personas in my immediate community; Ondo state because it was absolutely different from other places; Lagos, Port Harcourt etc.; so I decide to be a disruptor in the system and create a niche for myself.

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INTERVIEWER: That took some guts and passion and I am definitely sure it wasn’t all plain sailing. What were challenges you encountered?
SB: The digital marketing terrain in my community is not an easy one to navigate; there were hurdles but entrepreneurs will always make a way where there seems to be no way, not that they are God but well, they are the gods doing cool things that matters. In fact, when I first started, it looked weird and funny to some, but then, I was consistent and I am proud of my accomplishments.

INTERVIEWER: Absolutely, growth is prevalent despites all odds, kindly share your success story.

SB: Every event that was done in the city this year with myself as a media partner is a success story for me. Let me brag, you know Some of us have got the Midas touch.

INTERVIEWER: And failures?

SB: if I start to talk about my failures, we won’t finish. I failed too much when I started. I was turned down too.

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INTERVIEWER: You do have a point there, don’t dwell on your failures just learn and grow from there.

SB: Precisely.

INTERVIEWER: I am sure you were shamed at some point in your hustling.

SB: Well, there was this big event I was added to as a media partner so I was working well and doing my thing until few days to the event, I found out my logo was not featured. On getting to know, I had to start deleting tweets, posts and started talking to my friends to disregard any information about the event.

INTERVIEWER: That was a pretty back-biting experience but we learn from them.

SB: Sure.

INTERVIEWER: The world is now a global market and information is gotten from your plan, how do you harness technology as the lead strategist of Noisemaker NG?

SB: As the lead strategist, the role of technology in my business cannot be over emphasized. In fact, technology is the one of the major drive to my business development in the social space. I can remember the day my tweet crossed the border into Ghana and other African countries.

INTERVIEWER: Are there any opportunities you’d like to share with us that you have harnessed that would help other entrepreneurs?

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SB: To be alive is an opportunity and every man must harness that opportunity because YOLO! I have seen various opportunities come my way and I must say I have harnessed it well and that is why my clients will want to make me work with them over again.

INTERVIEWER: Hmmm, the right attitude towards life. Could perhaps share with us what your funniest experience as an entrepreneur has been?

SB: I have various funny experiences as an entrepreneur in my niche. The most intriguing one, was the day I did training for the staff Keens and Teens Resource Centre in Akure and they gave me this clap-appreciation thing. It was absolutely funny but I loved it.

INTERVIEWER: To wrap it all up, any advice to the upcoming or intending startups?

SB: If Broda shaggi, Lasisi Elenu, Patoranking, Picasso of YBNL and lots more can make a name for themselves with whatever they do, then You Can, just DO YOURS WELL! SOMEONE IS WATCHING YOU CLOSELY. And every hustler has got a pay day. Stay consistent!

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    I read the interview to the end as if I was there. That’s great, more greese to you fulcrum, you are on your way up.

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