The Nightmares of a Startup CEO- Episode 2

Hello 2019,

It is already the third week into 2019 and I’m pretty sure we all came into the new year with the hashtag #resolution which most of us must have dropped it by now.

Just like what we do at packaging stores as regards thought leadership and how that can help young entrepreneurs, we present to you the 2nd episode of Nightmare of every CEO which was an interview with one of the African rising Entrepreneur (CEO, TabDigitals). TabDigitals is a growing business that uses technology to make sales and repairs of gadget an easy task for the public.

The world is moving at fast pace where every information can be gotten from your fingertips hence it must at optimum level but machines being machines will have some glitches (faults) which would have you and I complaining well; today we will be looking into a unique individual who saw this problem as entrepreneurial opportunity.

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Mr. Boluwatife Omotayo is a young Nigerian entrepreneur but before he became the acclaimed entrepreneur, he was just a man who saw things differently and reacted differently to a particular situation.
Growing up, Mr. Bolu worked as a sales assistant for his mother’s sachet water factory. It might seem he had everything figured out until the day his father lost a top level job at Dunlop Nigeria PLC during the recession. He didn’t let his father’s loss get to hence he took it as an epiphany that entrepreneur was the for him.

It was the realization that pushed him to create a team where he founded TAB Digitals at the age of 19 while he was an undergraduate; TAB Digitals is a platform that provides trusted and convenient solutions to gadget problems.
He saw the need for students to be given solution to their gadget electronics problems which might seem small but when you look at the network of students across all universities; it’s a market o over eighty million people. That was exactly what he envisioned that in six months, his solution was widely adopted locally and students from neighboring campuses/town began to request for his services.
Sure, it appears that TAB Digitals had it plain sailing as soon as it kicked off but really, it wasn’t; they had to gain

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• the trust of the people,
• access to funds.

It took a whole lot but they persevered, they applied for grants and steadily gained the trust of the people by clearly stating their mission and vision and nothing boost a business faster than referrals from their customers.
There was a time when in 100 level, he went to another university (The Premier University- University of Ibadan) to do door to door sales of gadget electronics accessories. A student spoke to him with great disregard and a crush of his wasn’t bold to relate with him because he wasn’t “classy”. It got a point that he stood in the shower one-night weeping about the terrible situation of things.
Today, he is an AKure Tech Hub awardee, Anzisha Prize awardee and a Tony Elumelu Foundation alumnus. To add to it, TAB Digital currently has its services in over five campuses spread across major cities and he functions as the community manager at ADG Technology Inc; a mobile tech company focused on building mobile applications for African consumers- starting with Carry1st, a Trivia Game for Africa where you answer simple questions to win money.
He definitely can’t dispute the role technology has played in his business as it has made it easier for customers to connect easily.

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We asked Mr. Bolu what was his funniest experience as an entrepreneur, “Interviewing for a job” he replied.

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  2. This is really another good one. Another was used because I keep meeting and reading about problem solvers in Nigeria. Thanks @ packagingstores for sharing this.

  3. This is really another good one. Hmm, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. Welldone CEO TabDigital, it took more of courage and thanks to CEO Packagingstores for sharing this.

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